If you are a facebook user, we suggest you follow a page named Occupy the Vatican.  Connected, obviously, to the concept of the Occupy movement, this page exists to educate, inform and activate people around the pathological practices of the vatican and the (un)holy see.  Please check it out.  The anti-human, anti-indigenous corporate culture of the vatican moves forward with astoundingly oppressive energy and criminal practice born out of centuries of imperialistic and aspiritual behavior.

Once more we see the depredation of Christianity in particular and monotheism in general on indigenous peoples. (and those of you reading this from Northern European ancestry..we were those indigenous peoples once too. Christianity came for us first). When are we going to wake up and fight this? When are we, as a world-community going to realize that the monotheism is not the answer, rather it is a huge part of the problem. 

Read this: http://indigeny-energetics.blogspot.com/2009/12/burning-at-crossroads-indigenous.html

WHY is this not considered a human rights violation? It is, on a massive scale.