"The western construct of The Doctrine of Discovery permeated lawmaking in the New World and justified the dehumanization of non-Christian people. It served as the Europeans rationale for the violation of indigenous people’s human rights for hundreds of years. What they did not realize is the higher guiding spiritual principles of Creation have developed throughout our environmental evolutionary biology for thousands of years—and these understandings have yet to be re-interpreted into western concepts.

Christopher Peters reminded us of our spiritual purpose at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) last year,  “…It is through ceremonies that the earth is healed and renewed. It is our responsibility. We were put on earth for no other reason than to heal the earth and make it new. That life of world renewal, those ideas and concepts were impacted in such a brutal way that we are still recovering.”


It has become today’s challenge to help heal the earth from domination and its inherent disrespect. Steven Newcomb addressed the way to “recovery from discovery” as spiritual (see “UNPFII Panel Discusses Doctrine of Discovery”): “Spirituality, the ceremonies are so important, that grounding that we need each and every day, the offerings. By renewing the world, by doing that in a prayerful way, this can go forward.” This entails a return to sacred balance, by honoring both male and female genders, each being the embodiment of male and female principles throughout Creation."


...and then it is not the beginning, but a sacred, intensely political and powerfully Ancestral continuation of something that has been here since time immemorial - the sacred relationship of humans to the earth, to nature, to each other and to Spirit.  This is the validation of the indigenous soul as spoken of by authors and spiritual workers Nancy Jane, Martin Prechtel and Malidoma Some'.  It is the primary, most fundamental and harmonious state of humanity throughout all of human history.  It is the acknowledgement that we live in a polytheistic world, a world alive with energetic intelligence and human divinity.  This is not a world of fantastic perfection, but one of integral harmonious functional empowerment, a world of the consciousness of the oneness of all things, true unity consciousness and behavior.

And even though what we consider christianity is a dominant phenomenon in the world, it does not mean that it is not inherently aberrant and transgressive.  In the coming days, we will take continued opportunity to consider the power and grounded genius of the indigenous human imperative, particularly with relationship to the negative effects and nature of predatory christianity, the Doctrine of Discovery, manifest destiny and the fear-based threads of neo-manifest destiny missiology that the DC40 process represents.

I greet my Ancestors here and at my altar and in the sacred crucible of nature in which they developed our traditions.  Asante sana to my Ancestralized, empowererd Dead, to the wakale (Ancestors) of the Middle Passage and of Turtle Island and those that died on the Trail of Tears, on the battlefield of Wounded Knee and on the shores and hills of Guanahani, of Bohio at the hands and orders of Criminal Columbus.  I call upon these Ancestors to guide us in our work, in this continuing process of defining and refining our sacred and grounded relationship with All That Is.  May we continue the struggle, the intelligence, the love  and compassion and bravery of our Ancestors as we step forward into history.