Today, we're posting a call for assistance. Peter Dybing, a Wiccan clergyman who has done amazing work in trying to further the rights not only of Wicca, but of all polytheisms and Paganisms as well, has been working with the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. Here is his link: This is a worthy cause and Peter a man of absolutely integrity. Please consider helping him if you can.

For every predatory evangelical missionary, of which there were many, who went down to Haiti in the wake of the earthquake trying to bully, shame, terrorize, and harass people away from their indigenous ways (namely Voudoun), consider making a donation.

Then consider this: why isn't missionary work of that nature, the type of that aims not to provide food and build houses but to destroy indigenous traditions and co-opt people away from their native Gods, considered a human rights violation?

it is you know, a human rights violation. Why is it tacitly sanctioned?