As part of the DC40 campaign, individual states are being targetted throughout the forty day period. As each state becomes the focus of their prayer war, NAR members bombard them if not in person, then with prayers and malignant energy work. That IS the nature of what they are doing: it's malignant energy work. i.e. black magic. They wouldn't classify it as such, of course, but by definition, they are attempting to non-consensually coerce a group of people into doing their will. THAT, my friends, is black magic. It's also disgusting and a violation their own humanity.

Today, New Mexico was targeted.
Tomorrow, that campaign turns its attentions to Oklahoma.

Here is what you can do: pray for the people in those states. Pray that they are not influenced by the malignancy, hatred, and narrow mindedness of the DC40 people. Pray that each state is protected from their poison. Pray that the Gods and ancestors, and Turtle Island herself, extend a shield over this land. Pray that she drive out that poison and allow it no purchase in the minds, hearts, and spirits of the people who dwell here.

Then call upon the ancestors of that state, those Native men and women who fought hard and fast for their freedom, who stood guard over the land, and did what they could to ensure the survival of their people. Beg for their help, because in the end, the poison that the DC40 group preaches is not native to these shores. It is not indigenous to America. It did not arise from the soil of this land. It can be pushed back and if we are very determined, driven out. So pray and may the Gods and ancestors hear our prayers.

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