Yes, I know that sounds like a Johnny Carson "Karnak" (the clairvoyant) bit, but they are truly connected and it's not such a leap, but one that isn't necessarily at the forefront of many minds for many reasons.

First, though much work has been done to put the criminal and terrorist legacy of Columbus into its correct perspective, there is still a popular notion that Columbus is a heroic figure worthy of great praise and annual parades.  The presence of his statue placed in reverence in a park in his anglicized name in Boston's North End and the current and unapologetic National Cattleman's Beef Association promotional campaign for veal as the official meat of Criminal Columbus day is testimony to that fact, let alone that we can still stomach a national holiday in his name.  This is fundamental, though, to the pernicious unity of the four aforementioned elements.

Second, many people have forgotten that it was a particularly universal social and spiritual human practice to engage and revere a culture's Ancestors.  Particularly in modern societal situations where most people have been generations away from their more grounded and spiritual cultural practices, many people are ignorant of the deep level of intimacy with which most peoples have held their Ancestors for thousands upon thousands (if not much longer) of years.  On another level, living in a highly secularized, though christian social context creates a doubly difficult barrier to understanding the necessity of engaging in deep connection and communication with those that have passed on to the Other World.  Most people are convinced that the ideologies of the machine/industrial/scientific world are enough for transcendence at best and maintenance of social order at least.  Also, the christian context is vehemently hostile to the idea and presence of spiritual entities, like Ancestors, that are not Jesus, the holy spirit or "G-O-D" or the pantheon of demi-goddish saints that vie for temporal and energetic space.  It is clear that even to talk about revering the Ancestors in many christian contexts would bring about quick resistance, screams of heresy and/or claims of devil (anyone or thing that ain't "G-O-D" or Jesus!) worship/collusion.  The resistance to this, one of the most universal human cultural practices, is quite deep and abiding.

Third, though the earth in particular and nature in general have gained much in "street cred'" in this age of recycling, sustainability talk and greenishness, modern societies still find it hard to acknowledge the Spiritual nature of the earth as all of our Ancestors clearly knew it to be.  We have a strong, largely descralized connection to the earth and nature at best and at the worst we view it and abuse it as a pulseless, soulless formation of exploitable resources that are available immediately and indiscriminately, except for the presence of certain irksome humans who are squatting on particularly "valuable" stretches and depths of land.  Due to our alienation from our Ancestors and their old ways and traditions (modernity is a pushy, pompous and persistent new neighbor in the historical world community), we are kept blind to their reverence and informed intimate understandings of the energetics of land and nature and Spirit.  We are left out in the aspiritual cold, grasping for projected heavenly apparitions that provide limited integration to the world that is, to All That Is and that clearly forecast a narrowly conceived end to All That Is, except for their own particular acultural conception of an afterlife.

Enter DC40 into the mix: a thoroughly modern construct of a Columbian era desire to imperialistically control cultural ideology and production so that a particularly lost group of humans can capitalize on the natural resources held in the lands of other peoples. Vine Deloria, Jr., in "God Is Red", made a powerful case for the secularization of christian concepts into European culture, stating how christianity has always adapted itself ideologically to the needs of the dominant secular culture of the time and how that culture has accepted some of the tenets of christianity creating a synergy that has defined the bulk of the so-called christian era (case in point).  The New Apostolic Reformation (see the links page to find them) has claimed that it is necessary for the government of the United States of America to "return" to its christian roots , thereby destroying any of the questionable overtures that government has made to religious pluralism, clearly more liberal than many industrial or other nations, but clearly also destructive and antagonistic to indigenous cultural practice and mores, particularly that of Native Americans.  That antagonism is traceable with accuracy to the ruthless imposition of Criminal Columbus and his program of cultural and spiritual domination that began around the year of 1492. 

Pimped by and pimping the catholic church of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella, Criminal Columbus claimed the "new world" for his narrow conception of "G-O-D" and his broad concept of personal riches.  He fashioned a deal with his benefactors that included trumped up titles and financial alchemy that would assure him and his heirs great riches on the lives and exploitation of many thousands upon thousands of Tainos, Caribs, Arawaks and Africans, a number that would turn into millions upon millions after he died embattled and challenged (Jan Carew, "Rape of Paradise").  The stage was set for an on-going destruction of indigenous culture and a pattern of spiritual and political domination that has merely changed form and quality, though not its essence over the 520+ years that it has been in effect.  John G. Jackson, John Henrik Clarke and many others point out the nature of christiainized imperialism of the world on the peoples that inhabited it.  The destruction of cultural traditions is well documented and deeply connected to the myriad of social maladies that many cultures are now experiencing.  Authors ranging from Malidoma Some' to Winona LaDuke to Eric Williams have detailed the destruction of Ancestral spiritual traditions in the name of one man from Galilee (or at least his purported father).  The roamin' catholic Doctrine of Discovery expresses powerfully the christian purpose to share the love of Jesus the christ with (spiritually subjugate) all of the "new world", a statement that is on the lips of EWTN (catholic cable channel) on-air personalities, the pope and currently on the Knights of (Criminal) Columbus website (in digital print! - you'd think they'd hide that kind of language).  Also, any viewing of christian cable channel Daystar could reveal the ministrations of snake oil salespersons professing the necessary G-O-Dification of the world to the vision of multiplicitous heads a-nodding in the gigantic rock concert arena-sized ecclesiastical showrooms.  Even worse, the followers of the New Apostolic Reformation are considered a "fringe" element by many, but their missiological monologue is ultimately the same.  The pope and Rod Parsley have a little more in common than they'd probably like to admit.

Criminal Columbus set in motion the christo-secular arrogance of cultural domination, the rape of man, woman, child and earth through systematic exploiation and enslavement (including the destruction of indigenous agricultural traditions that helped sustain the sanctity of the natural growth cycles of native foods and the health of the soil (Jan Carew, "Fulcrums of Change").  Inherent in this reign of terrorism was the rejection of indigenous traditions, which included not only the reverence of the Ancestors themselves, but the cultural practices they created and sustained over so many years.  Not only were people dispossessed from their land, but also from their cultures and each other.  It must be remembered that this did not only happen to Native Americans from Tierra Del Fuego to the Bering Strait, Africans and Asians, but also to the myriad of indigenous European cultures that were bowled over by the christian political machine.  The effects and after-effects of the Columbian era and beyond fused the violation of earth and indigenous cultural tradition and set the stage for DC40's neo-manifest destination of a proposed United States of American Settler-Colonial Capitalist Corporate Theocracy.

That's one that even Karnak might have found it hard not to clairvoy.

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