This is the main-ish video that communicates what DC40 is all about - ish.  If it were to have more content, meaning or more value than a $.40 piece it would would have been interesting.  But what it does show is that the initiative has no more oomph than the religious abstraction of most of the pop-jesus movement, resonated in such flaccid form as Daystar's insipid 24/7 broadcast of characters and charlatans pimping the unsaved for dollars, cents and their tender sensibilities.  If these monetary vowel movements didn't have so many people supporting them, this initiative, along with the christian-dominant pop-cultural melee, would be of little interest.  I have yet to see or hear the argument that validates christianity or it's missiological maelstrom as the intellectual or energetic force of human redemption and liberation in this age of capitalist exploitation, classism and environmental degradation.  Actually, it is precisely these things that modern christian missiological ideology and politics supports and seeks to manifest.  It is exactly these things that TI42 resists and seeks to illuminate during this initiative and beyond.

To the DC40 leaders/organizers/(none so) blind (as those who do not wish to see) leading the blind:

Not that you are listening....or are in the habit of listening....but we'd be very happy to debate you on the efficacy of your humble initiative and explain to you and a global jury of our peers why your work and time is more a nod to the demonic than to the angelic, more to the mundane than to the spiritual.  We guarantee you, though, we are plenty busy here at TI42, but would be overjoyed to go toe to toe with you on the features and benefits of both of our initiatives and the historical processes that gave them birth, even with the large bulk of the USAmerican populace weighing in soundly with an extra pound or so a la King James per person for the majority of most communities.

We here at TI42 fear no evil.  Therefore, we have no fear of you.  ; )

The Organizers of TI42

P.S. - seriously - get in touch - we'd love to chat.

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