In a previous post, we mentioned education. Let's get right to the point: education as it stands in this country (america), not only doesn't educate, but stands as the last tattered remnants of colonialism and conquest: education as little more than enculturation and indoctrination. Think about it. Think about how from the moment we first set foot in school we're bombarded with "america: land of the free, best country in the world, can do no wrong, etc. etc." and the doctrine of exceptionalism that should be our nation's shame, that is itself the child of manifest destiny, thereby reinforced. On top of that, too many of our children are graduating not able to read and think critically about anything and standards of higher ed have been dumbed down to ridiculous levels (but that's another argument....starting with the fact that the powers that be don't WANT an educated populace).

Well, it seems we're not the only ones to have come to the aforementioned conclusions about the American education system past and present. There is a new documentary coming out called "Schooling the World" that looks promising and here, we give you a brief (less than three minutes) taste:

It's food for thought at the very least and that's what we should all be doing: THINKING.

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