Turtle Island has initiated a process of social changes not defined by, but informed by the destructive forces of colonialism and capitalism set in motion by the likes of Criminal Columbus, Spain, the roamin catholic church, christianity in general and the heaving throngs of settler-colonists that would spawn further destruction on people, culture and land.  The initiation that one can receive when fully engaged in the spirit of place, the power of land and the energetics of life, real life, is one that can not be forsaken.  Even with the continued onslaught of predatory christian initiatives, oppressive missionary positions and the pathologies of the Columbian era, we are part of a steady stream of Ancestral spirits cycling through this dimension to bring the world to higher levels of clarity, higher vibrations and deeper universal connections.  So many of us are called back and forward, in continuity, to our indigenous roots, through the trunk, into the branches, out through the leaves and then to fall back to earth and feet the roots again...the cycle, the circle - unbroken.

And we are a part of that cycle....the cycle of life....living....sentient....like All That Is....the circle - unbroken.

Indigeny and Energetics, a study of indigenous culture and spirituality that has led to the conceptual reconfiguration of the historical framework of human life on earth, has brought an understanding of the unquestionable longevity and continuity of indigeny on this earth, dwarfing the adolescence of monotheism and modernity and reductionist capitalist euro-science in space and time.  Indigeny has given life to us all, has sustained life through it all and gives us grounded knowing as to the direction our thoughts and actions must go to make it intelligently into the future of our time on earth.

"Initiatives" like DC40 are also adolescent, arrogant and ultimately imperialistic in nature (recent past communications with missionaries on the Pathways International website blog confessed to this inevitable characteristic of christian missiology) and give us no functional means and cosmological view for sustainable living in the community of nature, spirit and humanity.  It was exceedingly difficult to get even the "open" ones (missionary christians) to have a cogent and honest conversation about the real nature of their work in the world.  So there is no reason to hold out hope for any redemptive dynamics in the like of DC40. 

And just as we know the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, Pathways International, the Joshua Project, Summer Institute of Linguistics and others of their ilk will go on assaulting the sacred nature of humanity, social justice work, indigenous peoples and the fight against colonialism, so will the spirit and work of the Turtle Island Initiative and those who so powerfully and graciously contributed to this body of work and prayer and invocation and spiritual, ritual work on behalf of Turtle Island, its inhabitants and the world community. In addition, the community of the indigenous and indigenizing world is joined by a population so immense and powerful that there is no question that we have the support to bring the core healing and reconciliation of this humble, but important initiative to robust fruition - the Wakale, the Egungun, the Ancestors.

And it is these Ancestors, our community of empowered Spirit embodied in us,  that we give deep gratitude for in the spirit of oneness in the Ancestral continuum, the cycle of our lives.  Without them we would have no guidance, no mandate for life and living, we would be fallen leaves adrift on the wind-whipped waters leading nowhere.  But for our powerful Ancestral traditions, we have rich cultures of intelligence and creativity, of courageous resistance to that which would seek to stamp us out, just as religious imperialism and predatory christianity seeks to do.

But we will persist.  We will continue to grow, to sink our roots deeper and deeper into the earth that gives us life, drinking in the life-giving waters of peace, reaching our familial branches into the winds that carry the voice of Spirit across the sacred lands, across all quarters of the sacred, living earth - and across Amerrique, Land of the Winds, Turtle Island.

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