(photo by Mary Ann Glass)
Happy day of the dead, Samhain, or Winternights. For many of us, tonight (and the next few days) are special days given over to celebrating and honoring our ancestors. While it's important to connect with your honored dead throughout the year, it is a nice thing to have one special holy day or series of days, where they can be especially celebrated.

So at this time, think about how you can better honor your dead. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Share your life and blessings with them. Don't be shy! Set out food and drink, candy and pastries, and anything else you think they might like. Look at their pictures, tell their tales and in all ways large and small celebrate their memories and impact on your life.

You're here because of your ancestors. You are your ancestral line walking; and that is a great and glorious thing. Celebrate it, now and always.

7/13/2012 01:41:01 am

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