In light of DC40, continuing legacies of anti-indigenous and anti-pagan social pathologies, one of the most fundamental acts we can perform in the interest of our spiritual health and empowerment is the simple, but profound act of being in sacred relationship to the earth, our Earth Mother beneath our feet.  Whether we call her Gaia, Baba Yaga or Tenbalu, our primary naturo-spiritual dynamic is with the earth herself.  Doing ritual with and for her, dancing upon her, singing to her, leaving tambiko, offerings for her is a powerful validation of our humanity, of the spiritual nature of the human community and All That Is.

In the Dagara tradition, Tenbalu, the feminine aspect of earth, carries the characteristics of grounding, centering, compassion, care-taking, abundance and the ability and will to see each other, to be present and available to and for each other.  Another of her important characteristics  is that she allows us to define our identity as humans, as communal cultures, as distinct cultures that are spiritually, energetically necessary for her health and validation and sacred reciprocity.  Our indigenous cultures and spiritual systems are just as important for humans as they are for the earth.  To attack and destroy, to disintegrate their existence is an abomination to humanity and to Spirit.  Our Ancestors call us to protect our indigenous cultures and traditions.

These traditions ALL grew out of our particular and intimate relationships with the energetics inherent in the earth body, in our body, in the body of our communities and cultures.  We must continue to be in sacred relationship with her, in constant communication with her energy and Spirit.  One of the simple ways to do this is to walk upon her with spiritual deliberation, to stand with her sacred skin touching yours.  Our feet are powerful and sensitive receptors and transmitters of energy.  Our Mother can tell how much we respect her by how we walk upon her loving body.

Take off your shoes. Lay down upon her.  Sit peacefully with her.  Lay your hands upon her in sacred reciprocity and respect.  Give and receive in blessed embrace.  Stand tall upon her.  Walk with authority and humility, one with All Our Relations, one with all our human brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, one with all of our sacred Ancestors whose bones are now part of the backbone of the earth and of our very bodies.

In my observations, the doctrines espoused by predatory and fundamentalist, missional christianity do not seek to be grounded in the sacred crucible of the earth's powerful energy.  It is key, in light of the spiritual confusion inherent in the DC40 initiative, the new iteration of manifest destiny and the Doctrine of Discovery, that we define and redefine our sacred and persisting relationship with the Earth Mother.  We do this out of love for ourselves, for humanity, for all life on earth and beyond and to the pantheon of blessed Spirits and our valiant Ancestors who fought against threats such as this before, against which we must move forward together in spiritual and political and social unity.

Tenbalu, hold us in your loving arms and continue to give us the strength to walk forward with confidence and clarity with our beloved Ancestors by our side.

Barka, Tenbalu!
10/3/2011 05:27:07 pm

from Twitter:
"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair"~Khalil Gibran


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