Indigeny is about celebrating the dignity of every living being on this planet. It is about recognizing that we are indisputably connected to the earth and the land. It is about recognizing that we are our ancestral lines walking -- for good or for ill--and owning the responsibilities, sometimes great, for doing that in a healing, healthy way.

The indigenous mindset rests on acknowledging our own responisibility for every thing we do, every interaction, every foot that we place upon this earth. It is about rejecting that which would poison and corrupt our connections with the land, with our dead, with our Holy Powers. The indigenous mindset recognizes that sustainability will not be found in the dubious wisdom of disconnected governments and corporations but in listening once again to the call of our ancestors, and the admonishments of our Gods. ..our Gods, not the malignant presence behind monotheism, a creed that seeks to sever all healthy connections with the holy, with the world, with each other, with ourselves.

reclaiming indigeny means confronting priviledge. It means actively engaging with difficult and tremendously uncomfortable ideas and concepts. It means engaging instead of play acting. It means accepting the discomfort of the process and forging ahead mindfully, respectfully, instead of  the sham of pretending a committment to some nebulous idea of diversity simply so one can feel good about oneself...without ever actually confronting or changing anything.

most of all it means never giving up, no matter what the hostility or what the pressures we might face. We are warriors in a struggle that has spanned generations. We have inherited the medicine of our ancestors. We shall pass this on to our children. We will not be legislated, 'educated,' starved, murdered, shamed, or prayed out of existence. Many things can be taken from a person through the generations long process of conquest. Indigeny however is not something that can be taken away. It flourishes in the soil on which we walk. It is hidden in our skin and blood and bones, in the connection from parent to child to grandchild and beyond. It is there. All we have to do is wake up and claim it.

that time is now. We do not do this alone. We have an army of the dead at hour backs. Those who would underestimate this do so in foolishness. We shall indeed overcome. Because this world cannot afford another generation or two of monotheistic "enlightenment."
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