Nerthus, Mother of Earth and Bog

Grant us the wisdom to see the fruitlessness of our ways.

Toci, Heart of the Earth

Grant us vision conjoined heart and mind with which to see our acts.

Etugen, Rider of the Grey Bull

Grant us the will to cleanse and purify our lands.

Prithvi, World Womb

Grant us the comfort and safety from which to call out to our past.

Oanuava, Celtic Lady Earth

Grant us productive and fertile works.

Liluri, Stationed on High

Grant us far ranging sight with which to view the results of our deeds.

Jord, Earth Mother

Grant us continued joy and fulfillment on your lands.

Goddesses of Earth, take our milk, our bread, our devotion, hear our prayers.

Take us within and coax us to grow in love and respect for your world.

Guide us in harmony.

Guide us in attaining the sacral knowledge needed to reclaim our indigeny, to reclaim our past and our future.

Give us the present, let us live here and now, authentic in synergy with your heart and soul.

Your Earth, our home.

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