There is a tenderness with which the spiritual human body engages the spiritual body of earth.  The metaphor of the divine mother is not simply symbolic, but deeply energetic and dynamic.  The beauty of our relationship with the sentient body underneath our feet is palpable in the quietude of our devoted and living embrace of that which birthed our human being and the hope for our modern redemption.  Our Mother calls us to the intimate closeness, the grounded unity of our Ancestral bond with our fundamental connection to Spirit.  We cannot forsake her, even in this our hour of greatest need.  It is in deed her hour of greatest need.  Her enemies would have us look into the heavens blindly searching for the apparition of our own fears...written in a book desacrated by a priesthood of charlatans and con men, by the worst sort of thieves who would steal the legacy of our own spiritual abundance, the birthright of the family of humanity.

But she awaits us, in patience, in anger, in depression, in anxiety, in the hopes that we will hear her voice, hear her sacred call to arms, the modern rebel yell from the womb of life, that which speaks life, sings life, is life and dares us to affirm life, courageous, indomitable, earthen timeless life.  Our Mother, feminine divine casts her gaze upon us, still patiently awaiting our gaze upon her, our sacred touch divine in our own childhood of wisdom, here, now....awaiting our feet upon her belly, in the living dance of spiritual intimacy.

As the chill wind continues across the land...let us stand with her, for her, for and with all of her beloved children.  Maybe it is in deed and assuredly we who can wait no longer.  Let your voices ring out, your hands open with the gift of blessed reciprocity...let your drums beat in empowered love for her and for all who would, who will live in Her energy's embrace.
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