All the titles really do relate to the same thing and though it's an issue that gets raised in relationship to DC40's homogenizing and hegemonic intentions, but was also called for since the monotheistic and capitalist/imperialist/colonialist attacks on indigeny and energetics, the sum total of spiritual ideologies, technologies and practices of indigeny.  DC40 is a neo-missionary, neo-manifest destiny, neo-discovery doctrine movement that seeks to minimize, if not destroy the harmonious energetic of indigenous and pagan spirituality.  This, again, is in no way new to us, clearly not new to indigenous people all around the world.

The call here is for us to take space in the world with confidence and authority.  If we truly are empowered and liberated by the pagan and indigenous traditions of our Ancestors, many who fought valiantly and with their life to sustain those traditions and cultures, we must find ways to mover forward in our full power and make space for indigeny no matter what the responses of the mainstream are.  I am reminded that indigenous spiritual traditions WERE the mainstream at one point in human history, the global mainstream.  There are so many reasons why we can carry our respective medicine with pride and fortitude, no matter what the bible-thumpers, intellectual agnostics or terminal secularists say or do. 

We owe it to our Ancestors and to ourselves and to our children, the next seven generations (at least) to carry forward with clear and assured authority the traditions that we hold dear and near to our hearts.  We owe it to the world to bring new foundation to the old foundation of life and human relationship to All That Is.  We must not now and not ever shrink away from our Ancestral mandate to be who and what we have been called to be on this Earth, this sacred, living, breathing, sentient Earth.

I call upon us all to engage this Turtle Island Initiative in the spirit of our Ancestors who fought so hard so that we could be here in this moment at this time with the amazing and powerful, love-filled traditions they left for us to breathe new life into.  Even without the madness of DC40, our Ancestors are calling us to the just that.

With great love and respect,
Walk strong,

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