My colleague Alan Leddon sent me the following piece, in support of the Turtle Island Initiative and I am happy to share it with you here. Let us call to the Gods and spirits of this land, to rise up in protection of its people. 

Hu Nonp (Lakota)
by Alan Leddon

Hu Nonp (“Two Legs”) is the Lakota Bear God. Great Bear learned all of the secrets of the Gods by listening to them while pretending to be asleep (following the Bear Myth here by entering a symbolic underworld and gaining wisdom). Great Bear approached the Pte and offered a deal which led to them making a rattle and drum. After dancing for the Gods, which pleased them, Great Bear received the name Hu Nonp as well as His warm fur coat. He then went on to teach the Pte how a good chief leads his people.

Later, it was decided that Great Bear was the wisest of Gods, but had been denied His due because the other Gods were selfish. This led to Hu Nonp being made the God of Wisdom with a degree of pomp and circumstance, and He was likewise made the God of medicine and sorcery, and protector of all magicians, medicine men and shamans. Additionally, because He had so cleverly learned the secrets of all of the Gods, He became an advisor to Tetanka. ----from Religion Laid Bear, by Alan Leddon

In this time when America is beset by enemies, both foreign and domestic, it seems only fitting that we look to an authentic North American deity. Hu Nonp is no doubt a formidable warrior owing to His Ursine nature, but he solves his problems through the use of his potent brain.  In our current struggles, we need such wisdom and leadership.  

Hu Nonp Invocation
(Facing the American Midwest, with either lived or canned drumming, sing out the following, swaying to the beat):

Protector of those who have won magic’s secrets!
God of Wisdom! God of Medicine! God of Sorcery!
Protector of the Servants of the Gods!
I dance to please all the Gods!
I dance to please You, Two Legs!

Let my song be a breeze to pleasantly ruffle your hard won fur!
Let the breeze bring your wisdom to me!
Let me awake with your wisdom like honey on my tongue!
Let your wisdom guide my words and deeds!
Teach Me to Lead!

Let me make matters better for my brothers and sisters!
I thank you, Two Legs!

(A gift of tobacco, honey, or berries can be offered with this invocation).


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