There is nothing that binds people together more powerfully than a mutual experience.  There is no more abiding and persistent mutual human experience than our universal relationship to the earth.  By mere and simple mathematical equation, we can see that the indigenous naturo-spiritual (human) dynamic, developed through millions of years of human presence on this planet, is the single most powerful unifying and fundamentally mutual experience humans have ever had.  From this intimate relationship with the spirit and energy of earth, humans the world over have created and developed amazing similar ways of seeing the world, though the cultures may "look" different - feet on the ground, we are ultimately one.  It is the mistake of modernity that destroys this deep concept of human oneness.

Our relationship to earth, to Spirit, to the spirit of place, to spaciality, to the geo-energetic, is the single most abiding expression of human unity, compassion and social harmony.

The (de)nature and characteristics of the DC40 initiative are ultimately divisive, dismissive of indigeny and disrespectful to the notion and belief that humanity has the tools and skill and historical cultural knowing to enact its own redemption.

Please read Vine Deloria, Jr.'s "God Is Red" and Malidoma Some's "Healing Wisdom of Africa", particularly his chapter and writing about Tenbalu and Tingan, the spiritual energetics of earth.

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